Monday, February 27, 2012

Phone Laptop Tablet? PC?

This is where thing start getting interesting.

What is a PC. Will we need them. The split between the 3 markets of Phone, Laptop and Tablet most likely will get smaller.

First thing this review points out is that the tablet is heavier than other tablets. Of course is simple to forget a device like this the tablet is a dock. So you can leave the dock in the room and not worry about any secure information being taken since the secure information is in the phone you took out of it.

For a traveller the biggest worry is total weight but the next is how long it can run from battery.

Reviewing these devices will have to be far more complete. Yes an add-on battery for a device will drive weight up as well.

There are also phones coming with projectors other integrated tech.

Of course KDE and Mozilla releasing there own OS's into this market next to Android to some looks a little foolish. Until you go and look at the phone market and have seen how many OS's are dead and gone. There is room for 4 majors in the phone market. Android and iOS have 1 and 2 at the moment. Rim barely holding on. Microsoft has been falling into background noise.

Ubuntu/Android hybrid items I expect to see more distributions do this somewhere in 12 months time. The trigger will be when the Linux mainline and Android kernels become one.

Wayland protocol change from X11 is going to be a little bumpy. This will solve large section of the problem of distribution in distribution. Since Wayland based can render to a buffer in another wayland server. So allowing Fedora Ubuntu and Debian to conexist running on the one kernel each running there own graphical environment. Yes the wayland change also makes it possible to run Android rendering to a buffer as well. So the future versions of the Android distribution hybrids should be true hybrids. This ends the need to virtualise Linux for anything other than secuirty reasons.

Will there be any major battles left. Yes audio for multi distribution is not sorted.

Systemd roll out will still take some time. Everything is heading in the right direction for a show down.

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